We believe that most of the problems in our world stem from people forgetting that everything is interconnected. We exist within a mega-system, the earth. But your business is also a system and it interacts with all the other systems around it. If you do not see the world as a beautiful network of interconnected systems then our methods won’t help you very much in your business. 


Our work is different because it is based on what you need. We have service descriptions but these are really just a vehicle to solving a problem you deem important. That’s why we don’t believe in making choices about what should be solved, we just stick to how it should be solved. If you want someone to make decisions on what should and should not change in your business then we cannot help you. 


Our holocentric worldview has it’s roots in systems thinking. If you are someone who finds it difficult to focus on the big picture then our work is going to be a challenge for you, it may not even be enjoyable because of the level of detail required when you run a business with this approach. Detail orientated people may find this even more annoying and frustrating because treating the system as a whole sometimes requires that we put the details to one side and be more creative.


What we do is try and provide you with a more precise view of how the world, your business, really functions and all the forces that act upon it. This gives you greater control over your business. However, if you do not trust your employees then this is a bad idea for you. If I was in your position I would not hire this firm. The work we do here empowers employees, this gives them a massive amount of power and we can understand that this might not be desirable in all businesses. If that is the case, you will be better served by another team.


To achieve this we have developed a system for improving systems. It is very effective, it always gets surprising results when we go to work. It has saved time, energy and money for our clients. But it is far from perfect. The main problem with this way of doing things is that in the beginning it is very hard work. You would have to make up your own mind as to whether it was worth it. There’s a very real chance that you will realise what needs to be done and then decide that it is not worth it. 


Our systems improvement methodology focuses on helping you to create enough time and money so you can enjoy full autonomy. Earning what you deserve while still having time to actually enjoy it. Making a lasting contribution to your community. If these things are not on your list of priorities right now, that’s okay, we all choose to focus on different things and we don’t believe there’s a right or wrong answer here. It all just depends on what you think is important and it is very possible that this isn’t all that important to you. Certainly not urgent.


Here are a few of our guiding beliefs:


  • The world, and each of our lives, is a collection of independent, interconnected systems.
  • Every condition in your life, this moment, was preceded by one of these linear step-by-step systems creating our futures. These processes are executing right now, whether we see them, or not.
  • In order to create the results we want we must manage these processes.
  • Results are byproducts of the systems we choose to either manage or ignore.
  • Leaders tend to compartmentalise, looking at pieces of the system instead of the whole.
  • Our businesses are machines…primary systems composed of sub-systems. Just like everything in nature.
  • We should stand apart from our business systems, examining them from an outside and slightly elevated position
  • The world is moving FAST. Our businesses must be antifragile and dynamic; able to respond quickly. 
  • Constant system improvement is the most important job of executive managers and business owners.
  • Problems are opportunities for system improvement.
  • Using certain communications tools and protocols, decisions are made quickly with a high degree of accuracy.


I can understand that this could be a strange concept to you. If you are not familiar with something it’s hard to paint a picture of how it might help you. And quite honestly there is a good chance that we will not be able to do anything for you. It really depends on your situation, where are things changing in your world? 


If you own a business and want to talk about it, you can contact us here: quality@orgnot.com