autonoetic problem solving

Objectively analysing the past to anticipate and overcome future challenges.

Performance Effect = Trust x (Praise + Support) – attacks2

If you have hired a manager, they need to be trusted up front. Your job is to hire managers worthy of the responsibility. If you have failed to do this, negative feedback will not fix the mistake. Managers must hear positive feedback within a short time frame when they do a good job. When they do a bad job they do not need to hear negative feedback because responsible managers are already giving themselves negative feedback. There is no point piling on.

That does not mean that mistakes are ignored. The alternative to negative feedback is autonoetic problem solving (APS):

1. objectively review, without personal judgement, what went wrong,

2. discuss how the triggering event could have been avoided,

3. plan for the same or similar scenarios in the future and

4. generate plans for any other concerning scenario.

If a mistake is not important enough to warrant an APS session, then it is not important enough to risk altering a manager’s perceived locus of control by giving negative feedback. Using negative feedback as the automatic response to poor performance is a maladaptive habit.