be mindful of complexity

Our world is complex and competitive. Managers at all levels of the organisation are experiencing mounting pressure. This chaotic state has a draining effect on managers across sectors. Managers need the psychological resources to deal with an increasingly complex business environment.

Managers that are psychologically healthy are a credit to themselves but are also very important to the well-being of their employees. When managers are stressed they cannot provide proper support to the team and this increases downstream stress levels. We present a better psychological understanding of the role managers have to play in the well-being of employees.

Mindfulness is a  psychological resource that supports optimal mental functioning. It has been shown to increase the efficacy of managers by helping them develop informed and effective behavioural regulation through an open state of mind where attention is guided by a high resolution awareness of what is happening presently. This increases analytical accuracy which allows for more efficient progress towards a set of goals.

The typical work environment chaotically generates stress and pressure. Excessive stress in the workplace shuts down strategic thinking. Running on the PANIC circuit has heavy psychological costs.